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Network A network is defined as a collection of computers, terminals, servers and such components that allow for an easy flow of data and the use of resources between each of the components. A network is used to allow data to be circulated among these peripheral devices based on some well-defined rules (The concept of networks). There are three types of networks namely the internet, the extranet, and the intranet. Clients and servers A server is defined as a software program or the computer on which the program in question runs and that which provides a specific service to client software running on the same computer (or on the computers on a network). The client is a device for providing the user interface and performs processing on the request it makes from the server (Server definition). The client-server model is a system design that is used to dividing processing between clients and servers that can run on the same machine. Thus this is a type of relationship between two computer programs in which the client makes a service request from another program called the server which will execute the request (Server definition).

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Auto-forwarding is an email function that allows forwarding of all emails from one address to another by copying and resending. The auto-reply is a function used when one is away from his/her computer and wants to let the people who email him/her know that by automatically responding every time they send an email. Auto-forwarding is used when one has set up an account and thus when it receives an email, it can send to multiple numbers of people without one having to forward them by self. Auto reply is used if one is going away and is out of reach of his computer and wanted all the emails that are received to be answered and let the people who send the emails know that s/he is out of reach of his/her computer and that on coming back to the office s/he will personally get in touch with them and address their emails.

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