Date: Mar 9, 2018
Category: Definition Essay
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Several definitions are given to Pedophilia. Pedophilia is described as a condition where a person has sexual feelings towards children only. Professionals in mental health define Pedophilia as a mental disorder. The legal system in America sees it as a criminal act that if found should be penalized. This kind of condition may be focused on children of either the same sex or the opposite sex. The condition is different from one individual to the other, for instance, some people who have the condition might be attracted to both boys and girls, and others might be attracted to only girls or boys while others might be attracted to adults. Pedophiles are grouped into three levels namely: level 1 sex offenders, level 2 sex offenders, and level 3 sex offenders. Level 1 sex offenders This is where the sex offender’s risk or repeating the offense is minimal, additionally; the extent of harmfulness that the offender causes to the public is not high. This is determined by the Offender Registry Board. The information about an offender in this level is not made available to the public be it the police or the board because they do not have the authority to do so. As such the information of an offender will only be released or given to the department of correction, the Department of Youth Services, Social Services, department of mental health or the Parole Board among others. Level 2 Sex Offenders In this level the Offender Registry Board finds out the danger of committing the same offense is reasonable. The information of this offender at this level can be accessed by the public via the police department and the Sex Offender Registry Board. Level 3 sex offenders In this level, the board finds out that the risk of committing the same offense is high and the level of danger it poses to the public is substantial. The information of a level 3 sex offender shall be revealed to the public via the department of police and the sex offender Registry Board. The difference between open source and closed source data is that in closed source data the user interaction is limited while in open source data it is unlimited. Boolean search gives you to use both words and phrases using words like or, and, and not to define, narrow or broaden your search. This is because internet search engines avoid these parameters.

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