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Comparison of Egyptian and Greek

The issue of the human form has been one of the fascinating matters as there are very many theories created to explain the existence of human and how they evolved to date. Many philosophers have also dug deep in finding some of the hidden facts beneath the human being existence. As many theories suggest human beings must have had an origin because no living thing can occur exist as a matter of coincidence. Almost all of the theories explaining the human form get their origin or basis from two particular ethnicities of which are Greek and Egypt. The Egyptians believe that real life existence begins when one dies or afterlife and the body to which one’s spirit and soul is restored was meant to be of great use when one had died and entered into a different world. Not to forget is arts which they also believed that served the main purpose of making the dream of the afterlife to come true. An example f such belief is driven from an experience at Tutankhamen’s tomb. This, therefore, brings it to a clear meaning that the Egyptians vie human form as to be worth afterlife. This is so because they assume that the human form can only be explained or get its true meaning afterlife as this is the period of time when the human body would be of great importance. According to the Greek, the human form is of great importance or significance even in the present world we are living in today. This gets meaning from their own perspective when it comes to the origin of the man of which they believe that man or human must have undergone a series of stages before reaching to the level they are in when it comes to the matter of evolution. Driving the meaning of human form from their own understanding of the origin of man, they do believe that human form is in existence due to certain scientific facts or principle that are brought about by nature and or some biological events.

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