How to Write Better Essays: 4 Practical Tips
23 January, 2018
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How to Write Better Essays: 4 Practical Tips

Every student might have already thought about how to write better essays. Facing such challenge as essay writing, anyone can get stuck in a rut, but let's find out how to make every next essay at least a bit better than a previous one. The suggested essay tips and techniques are meant to make your essays much better and raise them to the next level, the one you've always dreamed of!

  1. Read someone else's essays

    How can your own essay-writing style be developed will you ask? Much easier than you think, by reading other people's essays! The more you read, the bigger number of new techniques you may discover and later use in your own essays. While reading, keep in mind to be critical, and think about what you like and don't like about these essays, are there any unknown techniques for you, and how balanced is the argument.

  2. Work on your vocabulary

    When you express exactly what you mean in the clearest and the most favorable way, it means your vocabulary is good enough. A good essay writer should work hard when it comes to vocabulary; what to say about the constancy, there are thousands of ways to convey a thought more effectively. Building your vocabulary, you become more persuasive in your essay-writing.

    Possible ways in which your vocabulary can be advanced are simpler than you might think:

    • By reading various genres of non-fiction or fiction, you make not only your vocabulary but also general knowledge much wider. While reading, look up every unknown word that you encounter.
    • Look up the words in a thesaurus to limit the use of the same words over and over again, just find the other words with the same meaning. Be careful and look at examples of a word before using it for the first time, as even a word with similar meaning may differ subtly and be inappropriate in a certain context.
    • Another great way to expand your vocabulary and learn a lot of unfamiliar words might sound boring at first, but it is really helpful - learning suffixes, prefixes, and roots.
    • You might have already started a vocabulary book if you are learning a foreign language, so why shouldn't you start the one for your native language? How can you remember new words better? Simply by jotting down their definitions and examples of how these words may be used. In this way you increase your chances of memorizing greatly.
  3. Other people's opinions

    One more essential point about better essay writing concerns other people's opinions. Make sure you tell the reader what other people think as this way you demonstrate the topic has been looked from different angles. But bear in mind, it shouldn't look like you are hiding behind other people's opinions, mind to not quote too much. You may even disagree with a scholar you are quoting! It indicates your critical views and skills, and you not just blindly accept what has been said by the scholar. Instead, you've made up your mind and have your opinion on the topic you are writing about.

  4. Punctuation, syntax, and tone of voice

    It has been already mentioned that the key point in writing is how easy the reader can understand you, but complex sentence structure makes you sound more intelligent. Don't bother if you think it's impossible to make your writing easy to read and at the same time have an interesting syntax. What should be done then? Effective punctuation will solve the problem of conveying the arguments persuasively as sentences structures have to vary from short to long. Simply keep an eye to not make them too long, as they aren't easy to read.

    What concerns a tone of voice, it should be engaging and interesting. How should you check if your tone is the one that is needed? Look through your previous essays and answer yourself honestly are they absorbing or not. Essays have to be formal, but no one says they have to be boring. Your confident tone of voice indicates your proper understanding and knowledge of the things you are writing about.

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Follow the suggested steps above and make your writing better each time you create an essay!

23 January, 2018
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