Nursing Essay
14 February, 2018
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How to Write a Nursing Essay

The variety of essays that students may receive is really amazing. Each time a professor asks you to compose a specific paper, it is essential to understand what you are required to do. When the task is to write a nursing essay, then your main goal is to show how the theoretical knowledge will benefit you during your practical experience. Apart from that, the assignment itself is extremely helpful when perceiving the writing requirements. In case you are asked to compare two notions within a paper, then you should specify what differences and similarities the objects of comparison have. On the other hand, once you have to evaluate a certain fact, then you should show what the strongest and the weakest parts of the certain notion are. In general, a nursing essay helps you demonstrate how the theory can be applied in practice with the help of already existed examples from real life.

Learning to Write a Nursing Essay


As in every essay, the process of composing should begin with solid data collecting procedure. However, there are some recommended additions if you are planning to make your paper thorough enough. The textbooks, in which you get your learning materials, cannot provide a complete picture of an example. That is why it is necessary to involve various sources of information. You can find dozens of helpful medical journals in your local resource center or visit your academic library, where it is possible to find almost anything concerning your topic. You must show that your knowledge is sufficient in the particular subject area, so it is also a common experience to consult your professors or even medical stuff. They will definitely fill your essay with first-class material that will impress your supervisor with its reliability.


As soon as you have the material ready to be assembled into a text, it is time to figure out how you are going to structure the information. First, it is necessary to make an introduction. Here, you briefly talk about the future content of the essay and you should not forget about the thesis statement, as this is the key sentence of your paper. Next, you are going to write the main part of the essay. Here, include all your arguments, examples, supportive statements and everything that you might consider relevant for confirming your thesis statement. Finally, when you have prepared everything mentioned before, you can start writing your conclusions, where you repeat the information that has been introduced; however, you should avoid adding new facts and statements. For the consistency and coherence of your essay, be sure you are using proper transitions from one thought to another. Connections between paragraphs is what you need to remember about.


When the writing process is finished, do not hurry to submit your paper. Perhaps, you have made a few mechanical mistakes that can easily spoil the impression of your paper, even though the content is impressive enough. After following the main tips of how to write a nursing essay, simply reread the essay, looking for grammar, punctuation and stylistic mistakes. It is a common experience to have a few in your first draft, so do not strain at making the double-checking of your paper. Moreover, if you have finished the article beforehand, you may put it aside for a few days and return to it later once your mind is fresh again. The second draft may seem time-consuming, but it is definitely worth a few hours of your daily schedule if you want your essay to be second to none.


You have your essay ready for submission. However, it is still not a right time to show it to your professor. Make sure, the font that you are using meets all the standards and is Times New Roman with the size of 12 points. Considering your requirements, make the spacing 1.5 or double, depending on the task. If the assignment talks about the margins make them not more than 2cm from each side. Remember, your professor does not want to give you bad marks; it is only you, who makes him do this. You make mistakes, miss the requirements and force your lecturer to lower your grade. Try to be attentive and follow all the instructions.


The ultimate stage of nursing essay writing is building a references list and checking for plagiarism. In some countries, stealing ideas from other people may be considered as a severe crime, causing horrible consequences. That is why you should learn to organize the thoughts of other authors in a proper way. Make in-text citations and the reference list according to your academic style. Under no circumstances should you use the material from other works without proper citing. Also, consider that rewriting is also a part of plagiarism, so try to use purely your ideas and arrange them accordingly.

Topic Ideas for Composing a Paper

Among nursing essay topics, there are some really interesting, while others do not tend to be quite actual. However, each theme is equally important, so regardless of what you are going to choose, you should relate to the essay, as it is the most significant paper in your entire life. Coming up with the topic idea may be sometimes challenging, therefore, here are a few of the themes you might like to describe.

  1. Achievement of the prospects of modern medical science: The problem of infertility.
  2. Adaptation of the nurse in the workplace.
  3. Assessment of the sanitary and hygienic state of the facility.
  4. Biorhythm from the anatomical point of view.
  5. Blood sampling from a newborn.
  6. Complications associated with the provision of medical care in the department of traumatology.
  7. Counterfeit in a pharmacy.
  8. Factors that influence the formation and preservation of the quality of medicines.
  9. Features of sanitary legislation in the US and European Union countries.
  10. Features of specialized monitoring and care for elderly and senile patients.
  11. First aid in educational institutions.
  12. Healthy lifestyle. The role of a paramedic in the prevention of diseases.
  13. How to fight HIV.
  14. Medical massage in traumatology.
  15. My favorite magazine for nursing staff.
  16. Need and demand for medical services.
  17. Neurophysiology with the basics of higher nervous activity.
  18. Nursing assistance in providing palliative care to patients with cancer.
  19. Nursing mistakes and their consequences.
  20. Organization of procurement of medical and pharmaceutical products from suppliers.
  21. Prevention of the hospital infection in the treatment facilities.
  22. The activity of the medical nurse of the dressing room on the organization of the infections prevention associated with the provision of medical care in the surgery department.
  23. The activity of the procedural nurse on the organization of prevention.
  24. The development of nursing at the present stage.
  25. The role of a nurse in helping incurable patients in the palliative department.
  26. The role of a nurse in rendering palliative care to a patient with degenerative diseases of the nervous system in the late stages of developing diseases.
  27. The role of a nurse in rendering palliative care to patients with various forms of malignant neoplasms.
  28. The role of a nurse in rendering palliative care to patients with severe irreversible consequences of cerebrovascular disorders.
  29. The role of a nurse in the early rehabilitation and recovery period patients with coronary heart disease.
  30. The role of a nurse in the early rehabilitation and recovery period patients with impaired cerebrovascular circulation.
  31. The role of a nurse in the early rehabilitation and recovery period patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  32. The role of analytic-synthetic brainwork
  33. The role of the nurse in public health.
  34. The role of the senior nurse in creating and maintaining the psychological climate in the team.
  35. Upgrading the skills of nurses. The order of certification.

Finally, you are ready to submit your article to a professor. Be sure that you have not missed anything and that all of your materials are ready to be checked officially. If you have chosen one of the essay topics for student nurse, be sure you have completely revealed its essence in the main body of the paper. Remember to consult the reliable sources as well as interview real experts to ensure that your essay is solid enough.

14 February, 2018
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Nursing Essay
How to Write a Nursing Essay

The variety of essays that students may receive is really amazing. Each time a professor asks you to compose a specific paper, it is essential to understand what you are required to do.

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