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10 January, 2018
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How to Prepare a Resume for a Job

Resume is the first thing you need to have when you are looking for work. CV availability is one of the elements of modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time, it is one of the most effective means of advertising in the labor market. There are three main types of resume: chronological, functional, and combined. Chronological resume is the most popular, but you can choose any kind of CV, according to your needs. Here are some secrets of writing resumes.

How to Make a Resume for Job Application


    This and other important tips can help you understand how to write a resume properly. Making a CV plays a huge role. It should be simple, strict and form a good impression of you as a professional. Use a standard, well-readable font and a clear breakdown in sections. The style of design should be the same everywhere.


    If you have a lot of experience, start with this section. If you do not have it yet, first write about your education. It is recommended starting from the most recent workplace and move in the reverse order. Indicate the name of the organization, work period, position, and your main responsibilities. Use bulleted lists for easy reading. Try to emphasize the relevance of your skills and experience of this vacancy. Write about any temporary or volunteer work, if it is topical. Avoid unexplained gaps in your employment history. If you traveled for a long time, were in search of work, or cared about a relative, indicate it.


    Similarly, start with the last one and move in the reverse order. Specify the schools, colleges, universities in which you studied, the dates of receiving diplomas and academic degrees. Mention seminars, trainings, courses of qualification improvement if they are related to your future work. Use a bulleted list or a table too.


    For example, if you are a member of a club or society, this can show that you love to get acquainted with new people. Do not write that you like to cook or read books - these are too general hobbies that are not of interest to the employer. Write about only specific and important things.


    Do not make your resume look like a novel-epic, putting there the texts of articles, publications, your reflections on the meaning of life. This is superfluous. The resume should fit on one-two pages. However, remember, excessive brevity is not good.


    A resume is a business document. When composing it, avoid irony, humor, and sarcasm. You may joke later, but for now, the informative style will bring you much better results than even the most appropriate joke in this case.


    For your own safety, do not include personal information in your resume - passport number, exact address of residence and registration, etc. Evaluate whether you need links to your profiles on social networks. It is not always necessary to give a link to your Facebook page or other social networks in your resume - the employer can find out too much of it. If social networks do not characterize you as a professional, while you are looking for a job, it is worth considering even in the visibility settings to limit the ability to view your pages, leaving access only to friends and close people.

    resume writing

    The resume should not have grammatical errors and mistakes - such CVs produce an extremely negative impression on the employer. Reread your final resume a few times and correct all the errors.


    Be honest while writing a resume. Knowledge of specific programs and the availability of certain skills can be quickly checked. If it is necessary, you will have to confirm the information you provided in documented or relevant examples.


    The presence of a photo in the resume is optional. However, if you still decided to accompany the CV with a photograph, remember that it must meet some requirements. The picture should show only one person - you and your face should be clearly visible. It must be an official picture and your clothes and hairstyle on it have to be restrained. can help you to write a successful resume! Order now here!

10 January, 2018
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