Too Lazy to Do Coursework
12 December, 2017
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How to Overcome Your Laziness in Writing a Coursework

The course writing sounds like a curse to almost every student, it's not a secret. Do you feel the same? Nothing new really, the matter is how to overcome laziness. When you were assigned your coursework, you were definitely given a long period of time to do it, but suddenly there is no much time left until you realized it. Your sluggishness has overcome everything, so many days have been wasted, and the submission date is fatally around the corner. In order not to turn your coursework into a deep disappointment, keep on reading and find out how your laziness can be beaten and the entire process of writing your coursework can be fun. There is no need to feel embarrassed, believe me, everyone feels the same at some time. The point is how you are going to handle you reluctance to write.

The key basic rules to follow:

  • Make sure you've understood the requirements of your course writing properly.
  • Ask for guidance from your professors.
  • Do not take shortcuts; you should focus on your own class instead.
  • Your notes should be made sequentially.
  • Pay attention to the methodology you choose.
  • For extra information, only reliable and authentic sources should be used. Moreover, keep in mind you are not allowed to copy paste them.

Selection of the coursework topic

The selection of the coursework topic most of the time is left on the students and the list of options is available to choose from. Your task is to select the most unique and interesting topic for you, the one which suits you best and in which you are interested most. If selecting the topic remains a problematic issue for you, just start brainstorming each topic. Thus you'll see the future area of work in all topics.

Divide it into small parts

This is really essential when your coursework is a big one. Your time should be equally distributed to each part. Doing one part at a time reveals which part consumes more time and which one is a piece of cake for you.

Things that should be avoided

Things that should be avoided at all costs include anything that may make your coursework writing a true disaster: starting your project when the deadline is coming soon, starting your work having made no proper research, keeping your work unseen from the others. Should it be mentioned that no distractions are allowed while working? No way make your word count shorter, the word limit can be exceeded but never shortened.

Watch out plagiarism

Watch out plagiarism as the originality of the work is the first thing that teachers notice at first. How plagiarism can be avoided will you ask then? The best way to avoid plagiarism is to try paraphrasing the words into your own instead of trying to copy them. If you have found any definition from any journal article, website, book, etc. everything that can be taken here is the idea which has to be expressed by your own words with caution not to copy the words.

12 December, 2017
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