How to Make Studying Enjoyable
6 October, 2017
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How to Make Studying Enjoyable

You may think that studying is boring, but if you do everything correctly, you can turn it into a more pleasant pastime. If you want to find out how to enjoy studying, read on and see what best ways to love studying are!

  1. Create a Comfortable Environment

    The room where you study needs to be clean because clutter discourages and distracts you. Make sure to arrange all stuff on your desk neatly, so that you have enough place for everything. If there are any immediate distractions, such as your phone, TV, radio, video games, and your favorite books, better remove them. To keep the studying process pleasant, change studying locations from time to time. You will definitely enjoy studying outside. It will improve your mood and the studying process won't be a routine for you anymore.

  2. Study with Others

    Find friends whose habits are similar to yours and study altogether. By same habits, we mean studying at the same time of the day and using similar studying techniques. If none of your friends have similar habits, ask your fellow students. You will surely find a couple of people who like the same things you do and won't mind studying with you. In case some of your friends tend to distract you, better don't study with them. When you find people to study with, arrange the time and place where you will meet. Together you can test each other, discuss the materials to understand them better by seeing another perspective on them, ask each other questions on the studying subject and check the correct answers. If it helps you, you can even create a study group and, for example, get ready for an important exam altogether. Meet at regular times and make the best of your study sessions. Believe us, it won't only be more effective; it will also be a lot of fun!

  3. Give Yourself Breaks and Rewards

    Create a schedule for your studies and make sure that you include regular breaks into it. For every hour of your studying, make a 10-minute break. It will lower your stress and help you better retain the material. To know when the break starts and ends, you can use an alarm clock. Also, treating yourself with something pleasant at certain intervals of your studying is a great way to increase your motivation. After a hard work, so you deserve a reward! Make sure that you know what these rewards are going to be - something edible, entertaining, or something else. It's a good idea to match the reward to the amount of study material you have covered. An example: after studying for 2 hours, you can reward yourself by letting yourself watch a 30-minute episode of your favorite sitcom. Or, if you've worked hard for all week, buy yourself a ticket to a concert you want to visit on the weekend.

Applying these tips will incentivize you and make your studying process much more pleasant!

6 October, 2017
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