19 December, 2017
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How to Format an Annotated Bibliography Cover Page

Bibliography often seems to be the easiest part of writing any type of an extensive research. However, when you need to write an annotated bibliography, the task immediately becomes more intimidating. While the annotations themselves might be a common practice, creating a cover page can cause difficulties because it's not a type of writing we're dealing with every day. Here are some tips on creating an annotated bibliography cover page in different styles.


If you're looking for guidelines on annotated bibliography cover page cover page in APA manual, you're in for a disappointment because they are not there. If your professor doesn't provide you with specific requirements, we recommend meeting the following ones.

Include the title, your name and your educational institution in the middle of the page. The cover page needs to have both number (in the top right corner) and running head (in the top left corner). General formatting rules of APA style still apply Times New Roman font, size 12, equal margins of 1 inch and double interval.


It's possible that an annotated bibliography is a part of a bigger paper. In such case, it doesn't require a cover page but is just introduced as a separate chapter. When you do need to include a cover page, MLA style also doesn't have specific rules. In most scenarios, you'll need to follow the general rules of MLA cover pages, unless your professor says something different.

Unlike APA, MLA doesn't require you to give a whole page just for the title, you can simply include it at the top of the first page with annotations. However, its placement is quite specific - upper left corner instead of the common middle of the page. You also need to include more information: your name and the name of your instructor, the course for which the annotation was written and the date when it was done. Your name should again be mentioned in the header in the top right corner together with the number of the page.


The requirements for Harvard style are a bit more specific. First of all, write the title in the middle at the top of a new page. Underneath it, mention your name. Then skip precisely 4 lines and write in separate lines the name of the course, professor's name, name of the university, where it's located and the date. Make sure you follow this exact order.

As far as the header in the right corner goes, you don't need to mention your name in Harvard style. However, its place is taken by the title, while the number of the page still follows it.

As you can see, writing a cover page for an annotated bibliography is really not that difficult. All you need to know is the style in which you need to do it. In most cases, the annotated bibliography follows the exact same requirements as any other paper written in that style.

19 December, 2017
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