How to Book Cheap Flights?
11 October, 2017
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How to Book Cheap Flights?

While most people like exploring new cities and countries, even more, prefer to do this while traveling by plane. However, booking a flight at a price that would fit one's budget isn't always as easy as it might seem and requires the knowledge of certain travel hacks to find a good bargain. The fullowing tips on how to book cheap flights will provide you with necessary to know facts about booking your trip.

What is the best time to book a flight?

  • To save money and get a flight for a really low price, you should be flexible and ready to search for deals early in the morning.
  • Although there are airlines releasing cheaper fares on flights all day long, it is still advised to look for flights departing on a Saturday evening, red-eye flights or early morning flights.
  • Experiment with booking last-minute tickets, which can turn into a money-saving trip. Some airlines cut prices to attract clients and fill up planes. Why not pamper yourself with a spontaneous travel?
  • The 24-hour rule is another smart way to lower the price of your flight. Book-check-cancel-rebook. The strategy is simple. However, check on the terms and conditions of the airline company not to get charged with a penalty for a rebook.
  • Or if you're a planner and want everything to be arranged in advance, book your trip six weeks before the desired date of departure as this time is considered to be the time when fare prices drop below the average.

What airline sites and services should you choose?

  • Before choosing an airline, it is advised to surf the Internet thoroughly and compare the prices suggested by different sites and companies.
  • Such ticket-selling sites as Orbitz, Expedia, AirfareWatchdog, Travelocity, Kayak, Hipmunk and Yapta often offer low-cost airfare.
  • AirgfareWatchdog travel agents and FlightFox "flight hackers" will assist you in finding best offerings corresponding with your specific demands.

How to get a good deal?

  • First of all, look for smaller airports situated near your city. You will be pleasantly surprised to reveal the fact that choosing flights that departure from less big airports, usually offer less expensive deals.
  • Try buying the outbound flight and the return tickets from two different airlines. Most airline companies suggest reasonable prices for one-way tickets. Look for your best option comparing fares of diverse airlines and choose the variant that will work for you.
  • Save your money while booking connecting flights. Instead of opting for a direct flight, check on possible variations with stops in different airports of different states, cities or countries. Though, remember to pay attention to the time between your connecting flights in order not to be too late or wait too long.
  • Finally, if you are a frequent flier, make sure you've become friends with your airline company. Sign up or subscribe for certain airline newsletters, groups in Facebook and Instagram, so you'll be one of those who will first receive all the updates concerning special offers, sales, hot tickets and etc.

Hope, you'll enjoy your next trip and save a lot of money with our how to book cheap flights tips. Travel safe!

11 October, 2017
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