13 June, 2018
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Essential Guidelines on How to Select a Proper Process Essay Topic

Pay attention to the things you already have an insight into

To hit on a viable idea for your process essay, you have to focus on a process that you know better than your classmates. Do you have a knack for enhancing photos with the aid of Photoshop, painting a portrait, building a castle out of matches, or making a strawberry cheesecake? You can parade your skills on paper producing a quality process essay.

Additionally, if you want to research and write about something extraordinary, you may opt for unconventional processes. They include how to lose weight without resorting to diets, how to get someone else pay for you in a restaurant, or how to become a globetrotter with little money at your disposal. Once you have your heart set on a particular process, you should draw up a list of steps necessary to achieve the result of the activity you are going to describe. Then you have to elaborate on each of the steps providing all the details to make your paper a process essay. Your main task is to present each stage in the most compelling manner so that to keep your readers interested.

Choose a topic you have already familiarized yourself with

When in quest of good process essay topics, your class reading might be a fruitful place to start. Undoubtedly, you have already absorbed plenty of books and done pretty much writing in your life. Just pick one of those things you read about in books, especially one that was particularly arresting for you. In fact, you can highlight a certain aspect of writing or reading in your process paper and create a "How to" or "How not to" piece of writing. Some suggestions related to this area are as follows:

  1. "How to pick a book worth reading"
  2. "How to identify your reading preferences when in library"
  3. "How to generate brilliant ideas for your future paper"
  4. "How to organize bibliography entries"
  5. "How to make a publisher interested in your writing"
  6. "How to write stellar papers on music/sports/films etc."
  7. "How to increase the efficiency of your searches on the Internet"

Please, note that when composing a process paper, you should think of your classmates as of a target audience. This should help you pick plain language to make your interpretation of a process comprehensible and straightforward. Try to make the description of the activity meaty even for those who have no intentions of giving it a shot.

Opt for an institutional or working process

Alternatively, you can seek inspiration for your process essay ideas by concentrating on industrial processes. This is where you summer job experience kicks in. The following topics might serve you in good stead:

  1. How the best sandwiches are made
  2. How to select a top-notch cell phone on a limited budget
  3. How politicians act behind the scenes
  4. How to hold the office as a state governor
  5. How movies are filmed
  6. How to bring a course you have enrolled in to fruition
  7. How to get away with exam cheating
  8. How students end up being emotionally burned out
  9. How to nail a job interview
  10. How to demonstrate gratitude to others properly
  11. How dead animal or human bodies decompose
  12. How photosynthesis takes place
  13. How to organize a successful garage or yard sale
  14. How people click
  15. How to look trendy without overspending your budget
  16. How people find themselves being in the red
  17. How to come into contact with high-profile figures
  18. How to develop a healthy habit
  19. How to recover from a shattering blow
  20. How to become a reliable pet owner
  21. How to make the transition from one house to the other smooth
  22. How colleges raise funds
  23. How to make your room cozy and well-organized
  24. How to utilize Google Maps
  25. How to create your own website
  26. How to start your blog on Instagram
  27. How to outsmart your rival when playing a video game
  28. How not to get entangled in procrastination
  29. How to revamp your car
  30. How to open a small firm
  31. How to sell your stuff online
  32. How to buy a used car at a bargain price
  33. How to handle tuition fees at college
  34. How to choose a major that would complement your skills and abilities
  35. How to apply to an overseas university
  36. How to prepare for your first marathon
  37. How to stay fit during studying at college
  38. How to bond with your room mate
  39. How to add some colors to overused clothes
  40. How to decipher your dreams
  41. Hot to get rid of insomnia
  42. How to treat a wound to prevent infection
  43. How to drive a car with a stick shift
  44. How to obtain a job for summer
  45. How to make home-made milkshakes
  46. How to master photography
  47. How to develop your aptitude for drawing
  48. How to encourage teenagers to read
  49. How to make the most of your trip abroad on a shoestring budget
  50. How to learn Mandarin
  51. How to add volume to your haircut
  52. How to decorate your room to make it look special
  53. How to please your guests without spending much
  54. How to sew a cocktail dress for a party
  55. How to take up coin collecting

The purpose of a process essay

Any process essay aims to instruct and explain how something works, how a particular process occurs, or how some things are done. Similar to handbooks, process essays serve as guidelines for target audience that provide information and navigate readers through each step of the way. The readers familiarize themselves with the process and eventually decide whether to embark upon it or not. The bottom line here is that whatever they choose, they have to get the hang of the process in the end. To achieve the purpose, you should also understand the process and be able to present it in a concise and lucid manner.

Furthermore, in the process essay, the reader should be well informed about each of the steps and when a challenge is likely to crop up, they have to be aware of it beforehand. Just like in other types of essay, the format of the process essay is universal and includes the introduction, main part (body paragraphs), and conclusion. Additionally, the information you provide should be neither too sketchy nor too elaborate as your goal is to clarify things of a certain process rather than to confuse the reader.

Some process analysis essays explain how things work by providing directions through describing the constituent stages of a certain process. In case of unfamiliar concepts, they should be followed by explanation so that the reader could take all the steps with a minimum number of difficulties. Therefore, make sure that all the stages are arranged in a chronological order and that they make sense when considered altogether. Ideally, you should also add several transitions to ensure the smooth flow of ideas and better understanding of the process.

While process analysis essays are not that laborious to write, choosing a topic may put you in a tight spot, because weak topics will have a negative effect on your writing. In this case, little help wouldn't go amiss. Here are some other process analysis essay topics for you to take into account. If you cannot find something that would instantly grab your attention, you may reach out to online writing services. They will definitely offer you more than 300 process essay topics, which is more than enough to choose from.

Natural Sciences

  1. DNA Cloning
  2. How clouds occur
  3. How biochemical reactions work
  4. How tornados appear
  5. How cells divide


  1. How to launch a startup
  2. How to create a business plan
  3. How to make viable investment decisions
  4. How to manage a budget
  5. How to carry out a cost-benefit analysis

Economics and Finance

  1. How a company assumes corporate social responsibility
  2. How to perform a utility analysis
  3. How a public image of a company is created


  1. How 3D printing works
  2. How to play a video game
  3. How to use GPS

Political Science

  1. How the election system in the U.S. works
  2. How political speeches are created
  3. How citizens choose who to vote for


  1. How hypnosis effects the body
  2. How paranoid thoughts occur
  3. How people develop phobias


  1. How to write a review
  2. How to compose a poem
  3. How to decode symbolism


  1. How to master a new language
  2. How to deliver a speech in front of a class
  3. How to recite a poem to evoke feelings
  4. How to acquire a Bachelor's degree
  5. How to write a good research paper
13 June, 2018
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