Nursing Essay Topics
26 April, 2018
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Catchy Topics for Essays about Nursing

Everyone who's studying nursing as a major knows how challenging it might be to pick out a good essay topic. On the one hand, there is an enormous amount of things you might discuss from the nursing point of view. However, there seems to have already been said almost everything so it's really hard to find something groundbreaking. We've compiled a list of fresh and interesting nursing essay topics that every student can use.

  1. Describe and analyze the norms of organizing the care for an acutely ill patient at the hospital.
  2. Is hydrogel dressing indeed one of the best means for wound healing?
  3. How to make children more relaxed during the procedure of blood taking: tricks and techniques for children nurses.
  4. Describe your personal experience of working with patients diagnosed with mild or severe depression or bipolar disorder. Focus on the ways you tried to reach the patient and how successful you were in these efforts.
  5. Talk about your main concerns regarding pediatric nursing.
  6. The most difficult task for nurses working in the mental health sphere is helping patients whose condition is not innate but was caused by alcohol or drug abuse. Agree or disagree with this opinion. Provide examples if possible.
  7. Describe an episode of care from the perspective of a patient. Ideally, one that you personally have worked with during your practice.
  8. Choose one of the common types of ulcers and describe the appropriate care for a patient suffering from it.
  9. Teamwork is one of the most important constituents of medical care. Agree or disagree with the statement. Provide examples from personal experience.
  10. Analyze the role of a common nurse in the process of patient's rehabilitation.
  11. Do you think that the profession of a nurse is sufficiently supported and acknowledged by the government?
  12. Critically analyze the differences in health care quality received by people of different social status. How can this situation be improved?
  13. Describe your personal attitude to aromatherapy. Do you consider it to be on the same level as other types of medical care?
  14. What do you think are the core principles and values of a professional nurse?
  15. Describe the time sequence of a typical family session.
  16. How to comfort the patients who have an abnormal fear of blood or needles.
  17. What is the meaning of competence in the clinical environment?
  18. Describe the care provided to post-stroke patients.
  19. The ways of adjusting generic nursing skills to the personal requirements of each patient. Incorporate experiences from your own practice.
  20. Analyze the differences in perception of contraceptive pills by women from different countries. If applicable, focus on the religious aspect as well.
  21. Health care system in the third world countries is still not capable to reduce the numbers of maternal mortality. What can be done to improve the situation and make the statistics less negative?
  22. Identify the influence of health promotion posters. What are the main means of appealing to the public?
  23. The vitality of good communication in critical medical situations.
  24. How did the countries that have legalized euthanasia managed to get the approval form the public? Are there certain characteristics that unite Benelux, Colombia, Canada, and India but distinguish them from countries where euthanasia is not legal?
  25. How can symptoms of dementia be slowed down?
  26. Should the patients always know their diagnosis or is it sometimes reasonable not to tell them the truth?
  27. The complex role of a midwife – supporting the mother, the newborn child, and the doctor.
  28. Where to draw the line between a midwife and a common nurse.
  29. Cases of discrimination in medical care. Focus on either racial or gender discrimination, it's underlying causes and ways to eliminate it.
  30. What are the effects of kangaroo mother care for the newborn?
  31. Benefits and disadvantages of prescribing antibiotics against viral infections.
  32. How does the mother binding process work?
  33. The role of family members during the palliative care of patients. How much involvement should be allowed in the process?
  34. The question of privacy in the nursing work. Focus on nurses working in the surgical department and analyze their work policies and how they influence the personal dignity of nurses.
  35. Are male and female nurses perceived differently by patients? Who is trusted more?
  36. Critically evaluate the importance of a combined multi-professional team working with patients suffering from severe mental illnesses. Evaluate the role of various professionals and analyze the full team as one unit.
  37. Do young nurses need to have mentors? Or is it better to apply the skills learned directly from the nursing school?
  38. How to implement theory on practice in critical conditions.
  39. Do nurses need to be emotionally detached in order to successfully do their job?
  40. How the understanding of having a terminal disease influences the life of patients.
  41. Is it essential for a nurse to get a personal understanding of each patient? How does it influence the quality of a medical care he or she ultimately provides?
  42. The main issues of clinical practice in your country and ways of their resolutions.
  43. The main ways of preventing bone breakage among elderly suffering from osteoporosis.
  44. The influence of a long-term illness from the point of view of the patient. Emotional and social consequences caused by a physical illness.
  45. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and its application for patients with mild mental disorder cases.
  46. Analyze the influence of diverse working hours on nurses. How can they adjust their own life to meeting the requirements of their job?
  47. Do people tend to disregard nurses? Critically analyze the perception of doctors in the society and compare it with the perception of nurses.
  48. The challenges of being a voluntary nurse abroad in a third world country or in one with an active military conflict. How do nurses adapt to working under constant stress and in an unfamiliar environment?
  49. Provision of health service for elderly. Aspects and peculiarities.
  50. Nurses who work overnight should be paid more and have more benefits than those who have day shifts. Agree or disagree with this statement.
  51. The role of the nurse in the society has changed over the last 20 years. Analyze the literature and compare the position of a community nurse now and then. What further changes can you predict for the following 20 years.
  52. How to deal with the challenges of public health systems and provide the best care possible in the limited circumstances.
  53. Can people with serious mental issues still work and have a good relationship with their family members?
  54. The pros and cons of a nursing mentoring relationship. If applicable, include examples from personal experience in medical practice.
  55. The art of showing compassion and staying professional in the position of a community nurse.
  56. Essay about substance abuse among middle-aged women. Causes, effects and ways to treat it.
  57. Nurses should have the same freedom of prescribing medications as doctors do. Agree or disagree with this statement and give supportive arguments.
  58. Does working long shifts find a reflection in the quality of medical care provided by nurses?
  59. The issue of racial discrimination in nursing practice. Analyze both directions, discrimination towards patients and discrimination towards nurses.
  60. The benefits of working abroad for a short period. Should nurses have this experience and what advantages for the local medical care can it bring?
  61. The sexualisation of the image of a nurse from a professional nurse's perspective.
  62. The importance of a nurse being familiar with all up-to-date technologies in the medical care sphere.
  63. How do weather abnormalities influence the workload at hospitals?
  64. Should patients be divided by gender in their wards? Or is it more reasonable to divide them by age? Argument your choice or come up with an alternative one.
  65. The origins of Glasgow Coma Scale and its effects on current clinical care.
  66. How to establish a good collaboration when working in a new hospital. What are the key factors of good collaboration and what to do if it fails to succeed. Should the nurse keep on working in a team where he or she does not feel a part of or should they ask for a transfer?
  67. Analyze the main problems of medical care in your hospital and propose solutions. Where do you think the source of these problems is?
  68. How important is the government financing for a good level of clinical care? Can underpaid hospitals still provide a decent level of aid?
  69. Should nurses be allowed to refuse to treat certain patients due to personal reasons. If yes, what reasons should be considered appropriate to approve such decision?
  70. Which invention do you think has brought the biggest progress in the medical sphere? Pick up only one and support your idea with examples.
26 April, 2018
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