White Collar Crime

In these hard economic times, many people engage in white collar crime in order to make ends meet. White collar crime entails any unlawful practice committed by a high status or respected individuals in their occupation. There are certain business regulations and ethics that guide and protect each business activities. This paper addresses a criminal offence committed by John and Victor who are business partners.

Explicitly, John is guilty of using the Social Security Association soft wares without their accord. For this reason, John has committed a white collar crime since he used the SSA software without their permission. Though he asserted that it was only meant for testing and not for generating profits, he is guilty because he did not consult the relevant authorities.

On the other hand, Victor is also guilty of committing a white collar crime in collaborating with John to use the association’s software. Though he did not directly use the software, he remains an accomplice to the crime since he did not report the matter to the relevant authorities. The fact that their joint business generated profits by using the illegal software makes victor part of the crime.

There are certain leadership and management violations that victor committed in the process of withholding the information. First, he failed to display integrity as an example to John. Secondly, Victor failed to act as a moral manager by not complying with the codes and conducts of the association. He ought to have led John in the morally upright way of conducting business.

On contrast, there are certain legal protections offered to people in the same situation as John. The law is likely to protect John on grounds that he had honest reasons for his actions. John feared that the association would not grant him permission to use its software for testing. Also, he only intended to test the business and to make profit.

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