What Was the Importance of the Progressive Era Reforms for 20th Century American History?

In the 20th century the transformation movement heightened in a unifying progressive way. It was taken as reformist in nature influenced the middle class. It was influenced by the modernization that was taking place. The progressive era brought about municipal Administration.

This was mainly influenced by the putting much view on state and metropolitan administration. It mainly focused on better service delivery processes and procedures. The law processes were taken efficiently and effectively. This led to well developed cities and which were well constructed.

Efficiency was achieved through service delivery. Rationality was influential on operation. Power was vested upon administrators who were professionally qualified. This reduced the noise that was made by politicians in hence a decline in the noise made by the people at large. Movements arose whose aim was to curb corruption in the government. This was in the view of cleaning up local and state governments.

An n Act of corruption was formed by the system, Oregon. Education was a key agenda and it came into being. It was progressive and of top priority. Research was made before its implementation during the agenda implementation. Education was made compulsory to all children during the period. This helped in community modernization.

Professionalism was required in education. Training officers were appointed according to their professional qualification. Large monopolies and corporations were put under a regulation procedure. Social tasks were put under training. Aid duties were vested upon trained individuals since they have been equipped with knowledge and skills to deliver tasks.

Child labor laws came into implementation. Industries that employed children and overworking them were to face the law. Children were to get education and be employed upon maturity. That was the full development of the theme of humanity.

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