US History after the Civil War

Thirdly there was the issue of U.S role in world events. The United States takes very keenly the effects of outside forces and ideas in its domestic affairs. Through this participation, they are also able to influence the outside world, despite the size and geographical isolation of the country. In addition, the relationship between the government and the individual has changed over the time. Moving from an experimental type of government, which was faced by the problem of balancing the will of majority and minority, to a hierarchy of national, state and local governments has brought the state closer to the citizens. The article i read helped to get the main events that took Place during the civil war in United States and also how the people mended the pieces after the war. However the details of what was happening at the war were missing. The losses that were encountered and how this has affected people in the recent history is not explained and therefore further reading is necessary in order to understand the chronology of events during this time.

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