US History after the Civil War

My work is a reference to an article I read named Military History: American Civil War 101. According to this article, the American civil war took place between 1861 and 1865. It was occasioned by sectional tensions between the north and the south. There was increasing differences and divergence between the north and the south in the course of 19th century. Issues such as expansion of slavery into the territories, south’s declining political power, states’ rights and the retention of slavery were key triggers of the civil war. Though these issues had existed for decades, they only emerged after the election of President Abraham Lincoln in the 1860. Lincoln was not supportive of the spread of slavery, and wanted it to be abolished.

During this time, the southern part and the northern part of America were united and they formed the confederation states of America. However following the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860, eleven southern states including South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas seceded from the confederation union. During the first two years of civil war, the southern won many battles but in 1863 they lost at Gettysburg and Vicksburg and since then, the northern troops worked to conger the south, forcing them to surrender in April 1865. President Lincoln was assassinated on 14th April same year by John Wilkes Booth, who was also killed by the union troops as he fled to the south. The then vice president Andrew Johnson rose to the presidency. The deaths that resulted from the civil war was approximated to exceed the total deaths from all the other U.S wars combined

When war was over, America embarked on a period of reconstruction of their country. Union troops occupied the southern states and facilitated the gradual reintegration into the union. Crucial amendments were also made in the constitution. This included abolishment of slavery, extension of legal protection regardless of race and abolishing all racial restrictions on voting. This period was dominated by four things. First the United States experienced explosive growth in several dimensions such as population, land use, occupation and world domination. This resulted in the development of strong social structures and political power as change was experienced almost everywhere. Secondly, since the US population is very diverse, including the blacks, Native Americans, homosexuals, women, religious minorities and other groups there was some effort that was aimed at integrating all this groups to fully participate in societal affairs. Though, this was started at that time, it is only recently that some of these effects have been felt.

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