The tribunal is a legal novel at the universal level. Mostly the book pries into the theme of justice and satirizes the whole idea of justice to the humanity in the world. The writer feels it is a sweet-bitter kind of an aspect. To satirize something is to laugh at the foolishness of the whole idea (John and William, 2003). Satire, in literature is a bitter irony. As part of presentation on tribunal, my group outlined the law on the international human rights. Human rights are universal and the most basic human right is the right to life for if this right is not granted, all other rights are null and void because you cannot have the rights to persons for example with disabilities if they were denied the right to life.

In fact any nation in the world that has no respect for human life is regarded to as barbaric, uncouth, uncivilized and ant life. These international human rights are granted at an international level, regional level or at national level. Most of them vary from state to state (Jean, 1975). However, there are those that are universal. Here, nations come together under the United Nations and get into a convention or an accord and ratify some rights fundamental to all. If anybody doesn’t uphold to this, he/ she is dealt with by the international criminal court in The Hague. For example crime against humanity which includes and is part of mass killing, genocides, war crime. All these are dealt with at the international level. Most of them are to the necks of politicians.

These laws are found in the cater of the united nations in the bill of human rights which includes the following: the 1948 universal declaration of human rights, the 1966 international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights, the optional protocol to the international covenant on civil and political rights and the second optional protocol to the international covenant on civil and political rights, aiming at abolition of death penalty. These are the eyes through which the United Nations looks the world through to ensure that human rights are respected and the dignity to the human life is upheld (Judith Gail, 1999).

The strengths and weaknesses of my group


Unity and cooperation

This was a united group with a common agenda of delivering the research paper. The group’s purpose was clear and all the members adhered to this without fail. This made us move together without much hiccups from the start of the writing the paper until and after the presentation. The group has remained one.

Time keeping

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