Toyota Industries Corporation Business Report

For Toyota, how to arrive at the decision is as important as the quality of the decision. In making decisions, Toyota seeks group consensus but with management approval. The purpose of doing so is to seek maximum involvement suitable for each situation. Decision making process is highly situational and generally consisting of the following stages:

  • Decide and announce
  • Seek individual input, then decide and announce
  • Seek group input, then decide and announce
  • Group consensus management approval
  • Group consensus with full authority (Liker, 2004)

Assembly process

This process consists of the following steps:

  • Construction of car’s individual parts.
  • Creating the frame (structure)
  • Installing the parts (suspension, gas tank, axles, drive shafts, wheels, etc)
  • Installing engine and transmission
  • Building the shell
  • Final Body Components (doors, hood, fenders, trunk lid and bumpers)

· Inspection and washing

· Paint

· Installing the internal parts (seats, electrical wires, lights, etc)

· Mounting the shell on the frame

· Testing the car


Information has been gathered through brainstorms, internet, books, company website and module lectures.

Toyota’s Transformation Process

Toyota’s Transformation Process stems from the market and the marketing information obtained from the products sold. A series of organizational methods collect sales information as carefully as possible and pass it to the localities in the company. The market information is then transformed into instructions for production.

Description of each part of the house of quality

The constructed house of quality consists of the following components:

  • Customer requirement

Customer requirement are what kind of products and services the customer want from Toyota. Having identified and categorised those requirements, they have been listed in customer requirements part of the HoQ.

  • Operating requirements

Those are the company processes for achieving the customer requirements. Those processes have been categorised and put into operating requirements section.

  • Customer importance
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