Toyota Industries Corporation Business Report

After buying a car, customers mainly require is the availability of spare parts at any time they visit the dealer either to buy spare parts or repair their cars at the workshop. Non-availability of spare parts can affect the time of repairing their cars; therefore, they require that spare parts are always available.

l) Unlimited mileage warranty

Usually, warranty on cars is granted to customer for a period of years and limited mileage and after exceeding the specified mileage, the warranty becomes invalid. Taking this in mind, customers require buying cars with no mileage limitation in order not to pay for the maintenance of manufacturing defects.

m) On time delivery of pre-ordered vehicles

This is concerned with the delivery of vehicles ordered by customers who wish to have their cars made according to their taste. As customer pay more for such orders, they require fast delivery in return.

n) Affordable prices

Price is one of the main factors that make a customer choose and buy Toyota instead of any other brand. Hence, having cars with affordable prices is very much desired by customers who would like to own Toyota cars. On this basis, Toyota has to consider setting the prices of its cars to attract customers as much as possible.

  • o) Discounts for regular customers

Regular clients like to feel that they are treated differently by Toyota for being regular customer to Toyota Company. Therefore, they require special promotions and discounts on cars and spare parts from Toyota as a way of appreciating their loyalty and trust in Toyota cars.

p) Instalment sales

This is concerned with the way Toyota customer or buyer pay when they purchase new cars. The majority of customers desire and require flexibility in terms of paying as it can be difficult to pay the whole amount at once to buy a Toyota since it is not a very cheap car.

q) Fixed price repair

It is mostly annoying for customer when it comes to not having fixed repair prices at dealers. The fluctuation of repair price is not acceptable by customers every time they visit the dealer for maintenance. Therefore, they require fixed price each time they repair their vehicles.

Description of each process

Customer service process (reception)

This process consists of the following steps:

  • Welcome and connect with the customer
  • Discover what they want
  • Perform it immediately and effectively
  • Follow up
  • Thank to customer

Selection process

According to Piatkowski (2004), Toyota hiring process consists of four stages as following:

1) Personal interviews

2) Aptitude test

3) Job simulation

4) Reference check

If a candidate passed all the tests, he/she will be accepted to work for Toyota.

Training process

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