Toyota Industries Corporation Business Report

b) Zero defects

Driving a car with zero defects is a dream of every automobile customer and Toyota customers are no exception. Toyota customers believe in the quality of its cars and always desire to buy and drive cars with low defects.

c) Fuel economy

Since fuel price is increasing year after year, Toyota customers require cars with high fuel efficiency to ensure minimum fuel consumption.

d) Quietness and comfort

Driving a comfortable, refined, and noiseless car is required by all customers to enjoy a pleasant driving experience. Motorists like to be relaxed while driving without being annoyed by the engine sound and vibration and therefore quietness and ride comfort is required.

e) Stylish and innovative design

In twenty one century, driving stylish and attractive cars have become to some extent a trend and necessity for nearly everybody at different ages. Customers usually judge cars by their look and external elegance.

f) Eco-cars

As the awareness of climate change is growing in the world, people have realised that they have to contribute to saving the environment in a way or another. Automobile buyers have started to prefer environmentally-friendly cars and consequently companies started to manufacture hybrid cars. Cars with low CO2 emission are highly required by Toyota customers.

g) Handicap vehicles

Travelling for the disabled becomes critical since, they need constant medical attention in a hospital or clinic. Therefore, it is very important to have a car that provides fast and secure transport option. Disable customers require cars which provide easy driving options, comfortable interior and extra space so that they can get in and out easily.

h) Wide range of engines

This is concerned with the type and power of car engines. Some customers desire to drive cars with powerful engines and some others like to have car with normal engines. Moreover, customers require different types of engines such as diesel and gasoline engines.

i) Build to order vehicles

Some customers like to have and buy cars according to their taste and therefore they require the option of building a car with the features they desire or dream of. By choosing the specification they desire to have in their car, the dealer will then have to request that car for them.

j) Good customer services

What customer would like to have after buying a car is excellent customer services.

For example, customers require immediate attention by receptionist once they visit a dealer for repairing their cars. Keeping a customer waiting for a long time in the waiting room is not acceptable by customers as well as delaying the maintenance or not phoning the customer immediately once their cars are ready.

k) Availability of spare parts

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