Toyota Industries Corporation Business Report

Toyota’s performance appeared to be vulnerable and the worst among its competitors with regard to vehicle safety and zero defects products. Since those requirements are among the top priorities for customer, Toyota should take swift action to improve its performance regarding those customer requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. By enhancing the safety and quality of its cars, Toyota can achieve its main goals. The main current goal is to be the leader in the area of safety and quality and also restore its reputation, which has been affected by the recent recall.

Toyota’s performance appeared to be the best among its competitors in terms of good customer, comfort, prices. Therefore, Toyota should maintain its excellent performance and never let competitors take the leading. In addition to that, Toyota’s performance is also at the top in terms handicap vehicles; however, this overkills as this requirement is not considered to be important to customer, while Toyota puts considerable amount of money and effort in it. Hence, Toyota should not spend as much money, time and effort as before on the handicap vehicle. Alternatively, it should focus on other processes, which are more important to customer and the company such as new car testing and evaluation process.

Since the company’s goal is to be the leader in the area of safety and quality, this can be achieved with the help of purchasing parts process. The performance of the company purchasing parts process has appeared to be poor and the worst among competitors. Toyota should devote more resources to improve it. Improvement can be made by the collective efforts of development, production and purchasing departments. Teams consist of members from those department should be well trained in order to pinpoint and detect any low quality parts. By doing so, the process can be enhanced and be brought to competitor standard. Furthermore, Toyota can avoid any future problems in its components and frequently raise the quality of its cars. Accordingly, it will probably not encounter similar issues related to its installed components such as the recent problem with the gas pedal.

Toyota needs to consider removing processes which are not significant to customer (low importance) and the company performance is low such as recycling process which nobody seems to care about it. The company’s recycling performance is the worst among competitors. Since the company is not doing well and the process itself it not of any important to customer, Toyota should eliminate this process to save money and effort, which can be spent on other important processes.

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