Toyota Industries Corporation Business Report

Toyota’s main goal now is to restore its reputation, which has been affected by the recent recall as well as becoming the leader in the area of safety and quality. In this report, a flow chart of the company new product development process has been drawn and a description has also been provided. Seventeen process and seventeen customer requirements related to the company have been tabled and described, followed by their affinity and tree diagrams. Accordingly, a complete house of quality has been structured and detailed description of each part has been provided. A set of recommendation for improvement has been given together with a table of measurable performance indicators for the processes.

Recommendation for improvement

From the constructed H/Q, it appeared that the tree highest scoring processes are as following:

  1. 1. Transformation process
  2. 2. New car testing process
  3. 3. Sales process

As those processes are extremely significant to customers, Toyota should consider improving them. In terms of transformation process, Toyota should maintain its pace of success in gathering data through extensive marketing research in different regions. It should also consider the markets which it has not taped yet such as Africa since there seems to be a potential for Toyota to expand there. More new and helpful marketing information can be gathered from this new market and be transformed into new products which will probably be beneficial to the company.

With respect to new car testing process, improvement can be made by investing more in technology and software used during testing new car. Some defects might be difficult to be detected, especially when it comes to electrical and electronic components. Therefore, focusing on cutting edge technology can help the process to determine faults and defects while testing.

In terms of sales process, improving salespeople selling skills will probably improve sales process. Training is said to be the best way to enhance salespersons’ selling skills and make them capable to handle their duties efficiently which in turn improve the sales process of the company.

Regarding the competitive advantage for requirement, Toyota’s competitive advantage lies in its Eco-car models, which are highly accepted, desired and demanded by customers. Hence, Toyota should pay more attention to marketing this model of vehicles all over the world without focusing on certain regions especially the awareness of global warming is said to be growing among the general public.

With respect to the competitive advantage for process, Toyota’s competitive advantage lies in its transformation process which is the strength of the company. Therefore, the company should focus more on this process to keep the edge over its competitors.

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