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8 November, 2017
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Top Games of the 2017-18 Season You Can't Miss

I bet if the game features guys like Klay Thompson, Kevin Duran, Draymond Green or Stephen Curry you wouldn’t miss it. Sportsmen like these are so skillful and dedicated that you can expect them doing incredible things in each game where they appear and meanwhile you can watch the new sport’s history unfold before your eyes. Although there will be 82 games, there are five of them that you don’t have a chance to miss. Here’s my list of top five of the Warriors’ 2017-18:

    1. Houston vs. October 17th

      The big game is coming! This game is special because it’s the only time when Oracle Arena will host Houston during all the 2017-18 season. Thankfully to the new acquisitions, The Rockets have stellar backcourts. Maybe even the strongest in the history of sports. Of course, the rival team is strong too, and that’s the reason why this game is a must-watch!
    2. Oklahoma City vs. November 22nd

      Maybe you have forgotten, but games between Thunder and Warriors, which occurred last season, were full of emotion and action. Luckily for us, we will be able to experience this burst of emotions once again because on the 22nd of November, these two teams will meet again. Chances that the showdown will be even more dramatic are great because more star power will be involved in the game. I’m talking about Curry, Durant and Paul George, who weren’t the part of last year’s collisions.
    3. Cleveland vs. December 25th

      Cavaliers and Warriors meet each other in the NBA Finals third season in a row. On the 25th of December, they will meet once again on their, already third Christmas matchup. In 2016-17 Cleveland obtained victory, but this time game will be at Oracle Arena, which means that results may be very different. These two teams are so strong that you actually can’t tell who’s going to win this time. You will regret it for a long time if you miss this game.
    4. Boston vs. January 27th

      You have to keep an eye on The Boston Celtics because their last season’s results were really impressive. On the 27th of January, we will have a chance to see Celtics and Dubs playing at the Oracle Arena and this is something that should be witnessed by any basketball fan. This game has the potential to become one of the most spectacular ones in the whole 2017-18 season.
    5. San Antonio vs. February 10th

      All opponents of the Warriors mentioned in this article have chances to make it to 2017-18’s postseason in, and so are the Spurs because they were one of the strongest teams in the last NBA season. This time they have all the chances to write their name in the history of basketball and win the NBA Finals.

These are the 5 basketball games are a must-see for any basketball fan!

8 November, 2017
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