The United States

The United States was reluctant to involve itself in the Second World War due to the effects that the First World War had on their nation. Many American people had been killed in that war. Their reluctance was reflected in various ways. It was shown by congress who hesitated to be involved in the war. The president, on the other hand, responded by closing the trade relations that existed between its nation and Japan. Japan viewed this act as a threat to their dreams. They had to search for resources for their industries by invading the neighbouring nations in south East Asia.

The war had various impacts on the economy, social and the general situation in the country (Ross 213). The most impacted on sector was the economy, which was boosted. There was the creation of employment opportunities for most American population as the president felt that he should increase the military personnel to be able to fight the other nations like Japan, which had weapons. The industries also received a major boost, as it had to manufacture various weapons to be used during the war.

Women, on the other hand, were employed in various sectors, which included the voluntary organizations and the Red Cross societies that were to take part in the war. The black Americans also benefited from the Second World War. Having participated, they expected that the segregation that was in existence will be put to an end. Various campaign groups also emerged which helped to champion for the rights of the American people.

After the war, there was a US post war foreign policy mostly known as Truman draft. The US after emerging with victory during the Second World War saw that it had the ability to conquer many other nations in the world by military actions, (Parmar 12). It sought to make strong its economic and strategic supremacy through military action. This act has continued to date as US has invaded on various developing countries in the world.

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