The Santa Clause Industry in Finland

In 1980s Finland shifted its focus on tourism from natural resources and forestry because of certain factors. Finland’s major attraction site is in the Santa Claus village at the Arctic Circle of the Lapland area. This site has been a great Christmas tourist center for a long time. The geographical location of the country places it more suitable for tourism than other industries in the country. It is for this reason that the government of Finland decided to develop the tourism industry rather than the other sectors. Very attractive sites in the country encourages a lot of tourists in the country; hence, boosting its economy.

At this time, Finnish government engaged in the development of the tourism industry since that was the only sector that proved viable in the country. This is because o f the decline in the productivity of the agricultural sector. Initially, the Finnish people were involved in intensive farming, hence getting a lot of profits. However, the farmer’s land was reduced that, in turn, led to decrease in the amount of profits from farming. Consequently, the government realized that the economy was weakening and decided to find other alternatives to livelihood.

Another factor that led the Finnish government to develop Santa Claus industry is the decline in the rate of employment in the country. Since this affected the economy and the people’s living standards, it had to come up with another alternative on how to help the people. Therefore, it resolved on undertaking service industries; hence tourism proved to the most suitable plan. This way, the government managed to create many job opportunities for its citizens. This is because many hotels and tourist companies that were opened up absorbed many peoples their employees.

Santa Clause industry also grew fast because of the culture and traditions of the Finnish people. The people believed in the legendry Santa Claus, Father Christmas that presented gifts to good children on the eve of Christmas. Out of curiosity, many people from different parts of the world got attracted to the place and sought to learn more about the place. As a result, the industry developed to greater heights with many people visiting Finland. In fact the Santa Claus became the best site for tourists. It is for this reason that the Finnish government shifted its attention on the natural resources and forestry to tourism.

Finland is located in the North Pole at the Arctic Circle. Therefore the climatic conditions at times could not favor agricultural and forestry. During winter, farms could not do well as the crops and animals were affected by snow. At that moment, the government suffered huge losses in the agricultural sector. Additionally, the sector could not supply enough and consistent amount of income in the country due to the unreliable climatic conditions. As a remedy to this, the government resolved to develop a more profitable sector; tourism, so as to improve the country’s economy.

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