The Ritz Carlton Hotel Chain

In regard to the financial information of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chain in the last five years, this is a hotel that has been very productive and has gained a lot of improvement in regard to its finances, this has been courtesy of the various expansions they have been involved in .Initially ,the Ritz-Carlton in Boston was the only chain that was existing .The company has expanded and developed more branches within the last five years ,They came up with more than ten hotels within that short period of time. They company obtained funds and financing from their esteemed manufacturers particularly in New York. The very loan they had received for the sake of expansion was refinanced by other partners for instance a certain Japanese bank. Finances were a big problem to them and it saw them get in a lot of trouble with their financial partners. Some of them could not mortgage their loans in good time .At some point they were auctioned due to failure to pay their debts .They kept on changing hands partly because of the same. Marriott International eventually purchased it together with the rights to the brand name Ritz-Carlton worldwide.

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