The Power of Time, Place and Baggage in Writing

December was with us again and our camping season was nearing. I purchased tents, Sleeping Bags, Lanterns & Torches; Travel Equipment such as Rucksacks, GPS, Leki Walking Poles and Luggage; Climbing gear, heavy water proof jackets, helmet, ski accessories, canned food and maps of the region. The materials I carried reveal that the area we were to camp was hilly and very cold. Caring of waterproof jackets illustrated that the area experiences frequent rainy season. Torches and lantern is an indication of the remoteness of the area. Purchase of the skin accessories is an indication of the area covered with ice. Maps also are an indication of being unfamiliar with the area. The direct highlight of the materials to be used talks more about the area we are visiting and also the challenges I have to experience in the region. This creates suspicion and makes the reader yearn to read more content.

Tim’s decision of using place and time description helps one to be able to understand the content of his writing. It creates a vivid picture of the actions that happen many years ago. This makes the writing to be of date and ensure that the reader is able to understand the flow of events. It also makes us think that Tim was part of the story. The type of writing takes on more sentimentality in these sections and adds a great deal of emotional weight for the reader who also is involved emotionally.

In conclusion, the things one carries are very significant because they provide the meaning of the events one is to conduct. Presentation of items carried in writing is also significant in providing material that can be retrieved in future.

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