The Power of Time, Place and Baggage in Writing

Having gone through a tough time, many opt to die with the experience while other opts to speak out through writing. The way they present their ideas helps in bringing out the incidences. Tim’s work of using the baggage of the soldiers during the preparation of the war has an impact of what is to be expected in the book. In Tom’s work, a lot of truth about the soldiers experience was released creating awareness on the effect of the Vietnam War. Many people carry different burdens of which if released in terms of writing, could make one of the most selling materials. Some experience does not have adequate words to express, thus some decides to remain silent about the experiences.

Tim creates a sense of suspicion by highlighting the war materials that soldiers carried this also creates the experience and the magnitude of the war and the expected results. This is highlighted by carrying of M-14, M-79 and CA-R14s among others (O’Brien, 1990). This enables the reader to comprehend the burdens borne by carrying all these things. Much consideration was accorded to the weight as well as the pressure being flown from by the soldiers; what they bore and from external factors like nature.

This material highlights the destruction that was caused by the war (Kock, 2010). It also makes the reader to feel as if he/she was observing the events. Specification of weight adds more emphasis on the nature of the arms that they used for instance “grenades-14 ounces each, claymore antipersonnel mine 3.5poundswith its firing devices”(O’ Brien, 1990). Similarly, materials such as Morphine are also an illustration of the harsh environmental conditions that the army in the war went through.

Almost every character carried photographs for instance; lieutenant carries two photographs of Martha. This indicates the tough experience of exclusion of the army from the rest of their family. He keeps on looking at the photo showing how the army who participated in Vietnam War suffered in relation to their exclusion with the ones they loved (Bloom, 2005). Below is the narration of my story regarding the things I carried.

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