The Plan and Establishment of an E-Commerce Site

Executive summary

Considering the growing trend in the need for an E-commerce site, there is a need for a consulting firm to pursue this purpose. This business plan is a complete service description on the design, installation, and maintenance of an E-commerce marketing function consultancy for online retail customers or clients. The target group of customers is all the small businesses that have the aim of enhancing the present sale by using E-commerce sites. These sites will provide 24 hours information to any customer and even a purchasing venue. The expected customers are the businesses in which an E-commerce site is an addition increment in their sales. The pricing power for this E-commerce site will largely depend on the other consultants charge for their time.


To make the consultancy business an icon brand.

To develop an efficient and effective, well placed E-commerce site for clients to get some advice on the advertisement of their goods and services online.

To have a launch of a marketing campaign on the requirements of a measurable market that will drive the clients towards the business consultancy website.

To create an infrastructure capable of fulfilling the web-based clients adverts.

Mission statement

The primary focus is to work with the clients closely in successfully setting and meeting their marketing sales. This can be accomplished by Creation of E-commerce websites that are user friendly and search engine friendly for online research and purchasing functions for all clients.


To have a consulting service with specialized knowledge in all aspects pertaining to implementing E-commerce site for any small business client or customers.

Business organization and business information

As a consultant and having been in the field of E-commerce business operation, the operation of this E-commerce consultancy is a proprietorship. As the business grows, it will operate as a limited liability corporation. The business deals with consultancy of clients dealing with online advertisement of goods and services. The goods and services of the clients will vary from industries, manufactures, and even the transportation sector. It deals with any consultation on matters of online marketing of goods and services.


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