The NFL Lock Out

In summary, it is important that the stakeholders who mare players and the owners resolve their differences sooner or later. This is because of the greater impact that the sport has on the general economy. However it is a focus on the players who already make mi8llions from the game to soften their standards. This is because the billionaire owners can survive the crisis without feeling an inch of strain. The demands of the players are too much as per me because the owners are the ones that facilitates, organizes and even finance all those facilities that are used by the players. They are the ones that chase the endorsements and put systems in place.


The lock out of 2011 is clearly a lot more complicated that the one that was experienced in the 2005 seasons. This is because of the issues that are being demanded that include revenue and salary renegotiations, rookie affairs and so on. The effect will be felt both in the lower and higher level of the economy meaning that everybody will be affected. Ultimately it is a responsibility for the stakeholders especially the players in my opinion who already get a huge chunk of money to get serious and stop complaining of an additional two games of the whole season!

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