The NFL Lock Out

Among the effects that the players will face are the social and financial effects of the lockout. This means that financial endorsements will go down or be obsolete all together. Because a lock out comes with the cancellation of all contracts until the aggrieving party decides to cope with the set conditions, the financial aspect also is not left for the players. To show just an example of how this effect is taking its toll, a renowned player of the league, David Akers reported that the cancer treatment that he had put his daughter will be compromised if the financial or monetary insurance that was being taken off by the contract expires.

In additional to that personal covers of the players against other happenings by insurance companies which include motor accident and medical covers are compromised in this scenario. On the other hand the television endorsements, temporary advancements and appearance fees will be radical reduced because the games are no more (Dubois).

The rookies whom may be joining the professional teams on the other hand may get a disappointed because the lockout delays the contracts that are to be signed at given time. Although it seems that from the 2005 ruling of the past lockout, that the rookies are on the receiving end regarding their salaries, it is evident that their problems are likely to escalate even more.

On the other hand the coaches are likely to take a hefty 50% cut on their benefit! In my opinion, these are the most affected people in the whole triangle of accusations. They may be the center of the successes in the league but it seems that the standoff between the players’ association and the owners is taking a painful brunt on the coaches.

This is the issue that the players and the owners of these teams need to look at in the long term and decide if the statement is good or worse for the league.

Effect on the owners

The owners on the other hand will be affected in major way. These are the stakeholders, who include, club owners, shareholders in the teams, investors and sponsors who facilitate the operations of each team. The stadia mangers are also among the people who are inn direct control of the clubs (Consumer justice Foundation).

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