The NFL Lock Out

The other issue that has raised concern in the league is the aspect of the rookie salaries. The rookies being the new talented but untested players were getting exorbitant salaries (Remmy, 2011.). As a matter of fact some were even paid more that experienced players in the league. The money came in form of bonuses, holdouts and even pre-endorsements which was uncomfortable for both the seasoned players and the owners as well. It was a contentious issue at first but it seems that a ground has been found on the issue that a limit will be inevitable.

The impact of the lock down

One may be keen to know what effect a lockdown would have on the long and short term on the people and the economy as well. The effect will take its toll on the three sides of the equation so to speak namely the fans, the owners as well as the players themselves. The three groupings will be affected both in the short and long term depending on the way one perceives the issue. A lock lockout just like in any industry has adverse repercussions on the financial and monetary flow on the economy (Gidratt 42).

Impact on the fans

First, with the amount of fanatic following of the league in the United States it will be a big disappointment on the fans that put their time and emotions on the game (Dubois, 2011). The fans will not be able to access the merchandiser and other things that are associated with the sport like the jerseys and caps for the time that the contracts are void. This is because in some of the contracts the merchandise sales are included in the documentations which bar the sale and distribution of these items when such happenings occur.

The other aspect is the effect on bars and restaurants that are dedicated to the games and events. They usually record high turnover during the peak seasons because of the number of fans that turn out in the bars to watch the games. Because a lockdown effectively makes the players not access the stadiums and pitches for practice it makes the owners of these bars lose a lot.

With the effective lockout meaning a strained season the fans are likely to turn away to other entertaining sports such as basket ball and so on. This should then prompt the players to come to consensus soon rather than later.

Effect to the players

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