The NFL Lock Out


In a layman’s language a lock out is basically an action taken by management of a certain business in which it resists demands made by the employees and opts to shut down the business until those demands are adjusted or changed all together (Hester, 2). This term is used when there is a labor dispute between the employees and employers mostly on the issues of salaries and working conditions. More often than not, the gridlock is a complex situation caused by both sides in which the owners have the authority while the employees have the expertise for the business. In the National Football League (NFL) this situation has arisen whereby the players demand more money to play the same amount of matches while the owners of the teams and businesses want more plays per seasons with the same amount of money given to the players. This threatens to be the worst lockout since the 2004-2005 lock out. From a rational point of view, it is clear that the players are asking too much.


NFL lockout debate has been going on for a while now and this year’s activities have been just the tip of what has been hidden from the public for years. There are two probable causes of this deadlock which comes from the two sides. First is the owner’s demand of taking additional money from the revenue pool from a billion dollars to two and half has made the players uncomfortable because they know that their salaries and benefits are likely to be affected. This has been explained on the grounds of economic realities as (Evans 12,) says. Two, the owners also want the players to play more for the amounts of money. On the other hand the players have been demanding a 50-50 share of the money that is made by the league per annum. We are therefore going to look at the issues surrounding the event, the plans that are underway, the immediate effect if the lockout happens as well as the long term impact as the whole.

Issues surrounding the NFL lockout

There are specifically five major issues that are in the centre of the NFL lockout that have led to the stalemate. They include the season’s length, salaries and revenue sharing, the information concerning the finances and the welfare of the rookies. These are among the top concerns that have been cited to cause the standoff which led to the official commencement of the lockout in March.

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