The James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement and Its Effect

The Cree-Naskapi Land Registry was established to register the rights and interests of the land and buildings therein of category IA and IA-N of the Cree-Naskapi people.

In 1971 in Northern Quebec there was a major political conflict between the government and James Bay over a hydroelectric mega project. After negotiations, in 1975 the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement came to be. The amount was agreed on and the Cree also surrendered some of their rights to the land. The Cree and Inuit gave up their claim to a certain land in Northern Quebec for certain compensation. The Agreement also preserved some special hunting and fishing right to the Cree.

This Agreement gave birth to several political entities that had their eye at looking out for the rights and interests of the Cree people. One of the entities is the Cree-Naskapi Act which was an act that came to save the Cree people form the governance of the Indian Act. It presented with it the freedom of self-governance. The Cree now had a self-governing body. It established new legal and political regimes in form of local government.

Another political entity that saw the light after the agreement was the Cree-Naskapi Land registry. This entity helped to protect the interests and rights of the Cree peoples land and it dealt with some of the categories of land since the land had been put in different categories.

The Cree-Naskapi Commission came to being as a result of the Cree-Naskapi Act since its main role was to make reports with issues concerned with the Act and also look into representations presented to the Act.

There was a major feud in Northern Quebec sparked off by the introduction of a hydroelectric project initiated by James Bay. It was brewing between the man of the project and the Aboriginal people. Negotiations had to be made in order for there to be harmony between the communities. This saw the coming of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement in 1975. The agreement spelled out the compensation terms the Cree once they gave up claim to certain land to pave way for the project. It presented with it the freedom of self-governance. However some of the rights were still preserved to the Cree people.

The agreement saw the rise of some political entities. These included the Cree-Naskapi Act which came to replace the Indian act that had been governing the Cree people. This was a new dawn of self-governance for the Cree people. The Cree-Naskapi Commission which was wholly established as a result of the Act. This commission sought to look into any representation to the Act and was also involved in making reports for the Act. The Cree-Naskapi Land Registry was formed so that it can protect the rights and interests of land of the Cree people. Land belonged to various categories and this Registry covered some and not all of the land.

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