The Israelites and the Palestinians

The continuing clash among the Israelites and the Palestinians is a simple yet a very complex issue to understand. At the core of this dispute is land with both sides having claims of ownership over the land. On one side are the Israelites who claim ownership over the land currently called Israel and on the other side are Palestinians claiming ownership over the peace of land currently called Palestine. Unfortunately, the two sides claim ownership on the same piece of land, only that they refer to it by different names. Both sides claim that the land was given to them by God and surrendering it to the other side would be a sin and an insult to God. This means that religion is the major root for the conflicts between the Israelites and the Palestinians. The two countries have been in conflicts for over 60 years, and each conflict, war, death, and acts of terrorism worsens the hatred between them and deepens reluctance by either side to give up the land.

Historically, the Jews called their land Israel, Judea, Canaan among other names. The Jews and modern days Christians believe that God gave this land to the Jews, where people like Abraham, David and Moses lived and worshipped God. Over 2000 years ago, the Romans ruled this land and destroyed the temple in Jerusalem. They killed a majority of the Jews and forced them to leave through the famous The Diaspora Exodus. Only a few Jews remained in the area. However, in the 19th and the 20th century, the Jews started returning to this area, and this is where the conflicts between them and the Arabs started. After the Jews were forced out of the area by the Romans, the Arabs became the dominant communities and called themselves Palestinians, the Arab name for the place. When the Israelites, naming themselves after the initial name for their land came back, most Arabs were willing to sell their land to the incoming Israelis, but others feared that they would become the minority community in the land they considered their own.

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