The Impact of Alcohol on Britain

In conclusion, the latest government reports show that young British citizens are increasingly encountering deaths as a result of alcohol misuse. These deaths usually result from murders, health problems and accidents. It appears that alcohol is increasingly becoming dangerous to the British society. The pattern of heavy drinking and binge drinking has become increasingly common. Worldwide, alcohol misuse has been noted to be the cause of a wide range of medical conditions, premature death and morbidity as well. Furthermore, it has been a contributor to several acute and chronic health consequences. Examples of such illnesses range from cardiovascular disease and cancer to alcohol poisoning. It seems Britain’s drinking culture and the availability of alcohol is having full effects on the young generation in Britain. There are various reports showing children seeking for treatment or rehabilitation as a result of alcohol misuse at an early age. Heavy consumption of alcohol also affects the mental health, memory and brain function in general. Moreover, alcohol consumption has also been associated with sports such as football in particular.

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