The Impact of Alcohol on Britain

It appears that the exposure of the young people to alcohol is the major concern of the British society. It also appears that there s little that has been done to curb this issue despite a lot of research done very now and then. In my view, this problem might be due to lack of knowledge among the youth on the dangers associated with excessive drinking, as well as, permissive public attitudes. Moreover, the drinks industry seems to be targeting the young people to create new markets. This coupled with lack of clear leadership seems to have created a whole big issue dealing with alcohol. There seems to be a heavy consumption of alcohol among the older adolescents, eleven to fifteen year olds, and pregnant teenagers. Child specialists, social workers, teachers, legal professions, and the police need to work together so as to deal with the issue of alcoholism in Britain. More self-help groups should be created to help the young deal with alcohol addiction. Without these measures, social and health services will continue to face pressure. In my view, it is important if those concerned with the society’s welfare focus on prevention rather than cure. It is better to detect and prevent those alcohol related issues that putting a lot of resources on treatment of the damage that has already been done.


In Europe, it is estimated that alcohol abuse leads to about ten per cent of premature deaths and ill-health, Britain included. It is important to note that the risk of being harmed increases the more one drinks alcohol. Recently, there has been an increase in alcohol related cancers including cancer of the throat, mouth, liver, and gullet. Despite the fact that a little amount of alcohol could actually reduce the risk of getting a heart attack, many people drink heavily and hence increase the risk of getting one. A British survey has found out that those encountering from depression and anxiety have a problem and end up becoming heavy drinkers. Psychosis, suicide and self-harm due to road accidents have all been linked to alcohol.

Heavy consumption of alcohol affects the mental health, memory and brain function in general. Psychosis refers to a severe mental illness characterized by hallucinations of persecution. The same could also affect heavy drinkers who stop drinking suddenly. The condition they develop is called delirium tremens. The young who drink a lot of alcohol can end up damaging part of their brain since the human brain usually develops till the age of eighteen. The old will also notice that the performance of various mental tasks will eventually slow down when they engage in poor drinking habits. Moreover, heavy drinking has a lot to do with work and family problems. This will eventually end in depression and isolation. The failure of short-term memory is one type of brain damage that is as a result of heavy drinking.

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