The Impact of Alcohol on Britain


The consumption of alcohol in Britain seems to be an integral part of the country’s modern culture. As a matter of fact, the production of alcohol constitutes a large part of the multi billion pound global industry. By definition, alcohol is a psychoactive substance whose consumption can lead to euphoria and relaxation when consumed in moderate quantities. However, it can also be very addictive, and it is for this reason that its misuse could lead to a variety of adverse consequences that could be harmful to the individual consuming it and the society at large. Recently, the pattern of heavy drinking and binge drinking has become increasingly common. Worldwide, alcohol misuse has been noted to be the cause of a wide range of medical conditions, premature death and morbidity as well. Furthermore, it has been a contributor to several acute and chronic health consequences. Examples of such illnesses range from cardiovascular disease and cancer to alcohol poisoning. The bottom line is that, the more one consumes alcohol, the greater the risk of harm.

Young people

It seems Britain’s drinking culture and the availability of alcohol is having full effects on the young generation in Britain. There are various reports showing children seeking for treatment or rehabilitation as a result of alcohol misuse at an early age. According to the National Treatment Agency, the percentage of those under the age of eighteen, and seeking for alcohol treatment, has increased by forty per cent. While figures show that few young individuals are drinking, those who do are overdrinking each time. Some researchers have suggested that this trend might be as a result of influence from peer groups, parents, family, and the environment at large.

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