The Emotional Competence Framework Analysis

I practice a lot of self regulation especially when in a group of people of basically or while in the eye of the public.Embarassment is one of my greatest fear, to avoid embarrassing situations I tend to practice a lot of self regulations .Most of the people who don’t practice self regulation always seem to be getting themselves in trouble with the authorities .I always practice self regulation in situations where I suspect disclosure and opening up may land me in trouble. This in many ways helps me to have self control and to also avoid getting into problems with those I interact with in my place of work or even at home .Another aspect of my personality that makes me stand out is that am trustworthy. I always feel compelled to be trustworthy because it pays in many ways for instance when requesting for financial; assistance and any other form of assistance from people who don’t know me well .Am very adaptable to situations and this quality helps me to feel at home in whatever place am visiting no matter how uncomfortable it may get.

Being a highly motivated character I manage to accomplish and achieve a lot in my life. My passion for success and prosperity acts as a drive to whatever activity I try my hand on. To be successful in whatever I do I always try my best to be committed to it and directing all my energy to it. All this can not guarantee one success and acceptance, my social skills are perfect and this enables me to understand others. I have travelled widely and encountered different cultures which in many ways have helped me develop socially. When it comes to politics I tend to support political parties that are progressive and have good ideologies. My social skill have been helpful in many ways for instance in helping and influence people, being in better position to communicate, and therefore being apposition to amicably handle and solve conflicts to ensure that peace and tranquility prevails all the time.

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