The Difference Between a Refugee and a Resident Alien

According to Likosky, M. (2002) the term or name refugee is normally used to include individuals and people who could probably not fit the accepted legal definition or convention because of various reasons for instance because they left their native countries because of problems like war and not necessarily because they are afraid of being persecuted, or alternatively if they been made to migrate within their country by force. Some of the resources that are available in my workplace to help new immigrants who are seeking health care and/or social services include programs and policies for instance there is one which concerns the kind of treatment and priority that they should receive. This policy states that any individual who proves that he or she is indeed an immagrant,upon arriving for any form of help ,he or she should be given free of charge.

It’s normally understood that they have problems that range from social to economic and therefore charging them won’t be fair. What I would change is ensuring that they are helped to be come economically empowered by at least ensuring that they have employment after giving them medicare.This I would ensure by working together with some other organizations to help and get them small time jobs just to keep them busy and enable them earn an income. One of the interprofessional team members who should be involved is the human resource manager because he has the ability to of creating at least a small job for this kind of people. The convention which is governing the refugee related problems in Africa which were adopted by the African Union, employs the definition that is expanded to basically include people who ran away from their home countries not just because of fear of being persecuted but also due to other violent acts of both internal and external aggression and other influences like foreign powers domination.

Refugees were initially defined by many authorities as legal group that were running away from Eastern Europe because of World War II. The leading group or organization in intervening in this matter is the united nations ,they are always involved in international arrangements of how refugees will feed and receive other basic needs ,they coordinate activities that target to benefit refugees and also protecting them .The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is responsible for refugees world wide .The UNHCR is normally very instrumental in ensuring that all the refugee world over enjoy their lives and live comfortably with dignity. They operate in virtually all countries and cater for refugees regardless of where they are from.

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