The book Night

In conclusion, thematic expressions in the book ‘night’ are so crucial in the development of the book. They have helped to bring out the authors message to the audience. This book is all about life application or evidence. Elie was young boy when he was taken to the concentration camps. He did not realize that human beings were so cruel and what measure to take when confronted by such circumstances.’ I was so much interested in my religion. I had already studied Talmud and spend most of the time with Moshe discussing the Kabbalah and the mystery of the universe’ (p121).Moshe was the synagogue’s caretaker and the towns most humble person. This saws that at the beginning life was so smooth for Elie and the rest of the Jews. They were innocent and never believed that one day things were to turn against them. However after the Nazi regime began to mistreat them by taking away there property and confining them to getho, did Elie began to realize the unfolding truth about the Nazis. The moral implicational of the book is that one should never lose faith or whatever guiding force that may keep him or her going. This faith was the only one that kept Elie survives the hash conditions in the concentration camp. There is no dough that without faith, Elie would have surely succumbed to death. However it should be known that life is not always fair. People can sometime hurt others for self motives.

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