The book Night

6. The title Night is symbolical to the whole events that happened during the holocaust. The Night book displays the dangers of remaining silence and the importance of remembering. “As my father and I exited the train at Auschwitiz, we were shocked at its existence, causing one of the prisoners to insult us, in disbelieve that it was 1944 and we have never heard of Auschwitz (p56)”.This is a clear proof that many people remained silent of what was happening in German. It is the silence that allowed the Nazi to takeover and brutally murdering the Jews for their own self interest. Likewise Weisel emphasizes that there was silence from God to allow such atrocities go on. The importance of remembering was one of the driving forces for Elie’s determination of writing the ‘night book’. He wanted to remind the audience that the holocaust actually occurred in hope that it will never occur again. Through his Elie Wiesel foundation he has maintained hid vigilance against hatred and inhumanity in the world.

7. Wiesel has a number of characters. In the first place he is very religious person. Faith and religion prays a great role throughout the book. “In spites of myself ,a prayer rose in my heart….my god ,Lord of the universe, give strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahou’s son has done”(p105).This prayer as said by Elie was to help him overcome the suffering and hard times that were there in the concentration camp. From the early childhood, Elie was interested in the Judaism. He went as far as studying Talmud and Cabbala. He also regularly attends services at the synagogue. Prays to God and understood clearly the history of the Jews. His father was also a very religious believing in Judaism. In the concentration camps, Jews and other people used religion to endure suffering. Both the Jews and Muslim who were present prayed regularly to their God for salvation and help. The Jews even fasted during the holy days even if they were already starving. However as time went by and suffering persisted, some began questioning God. “Behind me I heard the same man asking; where is God now? And I heard a voice within me answer him…here. He is hanging here on this gallow” (p87).This shows that Jews had already become impatient and questioned whether God was able to safe them from the suffering they were going through. The Jews believed strongly in there God and to them religion was just like a glue that held them with there God together. However after witnessing the killings and inhuman acts committed to them by Nazi without any action from their God, they start questioning Him. God’s justice is not easily understood by man.

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