The book Night

4. During the entire period holocaust Weisel experienced both internal and external conflicts. “All May energy was channeled to helping my father from these evil hands” (p49). Elie is divided between taking care of his father and his life in the concentration camp. He is determined to safe his father from being killed by the Nazi guards. He helps him know how to march properly. Elie further nurses his father after receiving beating from the guards, he saves him from being thrown out of the moving train as a corpse and even takes care of him after the his fathers skull is cracked when he tries to plead for water. I looked at him, he didn’t open an eye. He was very cold “(p71). The conditions in the concentration camps were inhuman. Starvation, hard work, beating and shooting was beyond what the basic needs of human beings .the Jews were dying in large numbers as the Nazi intensified their irrational behaviors. Although finally Mr. Wiesel succumbs to the suffering and the brutal nature of the Nazi guard after being thrown to the crematorium while still breathing, Elie and his father had learned the survival tactics that saw them go such far. Had it not been the efforts of Elie, Mr, Wiesel could have been killed long time ago.

5. After seeing his mother and sister crammed into a closed cattle wagon and deported to unknown destination, Elie promises himself not to leave his father. However, Elie’s father knows that he can not survive the beating, hard wok and the traumatic experience he is going through. Nazi regimes were determined to kill all the Jews who appear helpless. “I could have wept with rage…i showed him the corpses all around him; they too had wanted to rest here…” (p32).Death was all over as the Nazi guards under the directives from Hitler killed Jews mercilessly. There was loss of loved ones, especially when Elie losses his entire family to the concentration camp. There was constant torture of the Jews and putrid smell of death bodies penetrated in the prisoner’s nostril. His father is cremated alive while breathing by the Nazi guards. Wiesel’s experience during the holocausts was one of the darkest times in history when man turned and killed fellow man without any good reason. He associates this experience to the journey into darkness where hopelessness, suffering and death are waiting. According to Elie, life was becoming too tough and whished that someone could help him overcome the death weight.”His hands were cold and could not open his eye lid.”(p95).His relationship with the father slowly withered as he realized that he could not keep the promise. The strong relationship of Elie and his father gave them hope to survive and energy to overcome the atrocities that were committed to them.

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