The book Night

3. The main theme of the Night is man’s inhumanity to fellow man. This is seen in the persecution and torture the Jews endured at the hand of Hitler and his hardliners.”Every now and then, an explosion in the night. They had ordered to fire on any who could not keep up, with their fingers on the triggers. They did not deprive themselves of this pleasure” (p62). This statement indicates the pleasure enjoyed by the Nazi guard in killing the Jews. The suffering and killing of the Jews began with the German forcefully occupying Sighet before the Jews are later made to wear yellow stars as a sign of identity. Later there belonging and wealth are sized including homes and shops hence forcing them to live in Getho. Inhumanity circumvented to the Jews by the German later exploded a notch high when deportation begins. The Jews are herded into cattle cars and sent to concentration camps wear they are forced to do hard work, denied food and water to drink, are beaten and tortured and are killed by hanging, freezing, shooting ,beating and shooting. Eliezer insist that the whole city lived in denial and saw that there was nothing wrong happening in the lives of Jews. For instance, when Moshe the beadle returns and reports Nazi atrocities, the town insist that all was well, when the SS begins patrolling the streets, the town still maintained that all was well. The denial of the whole town is also shown when even Mr. Weisel refuses the suggestion from his son to move out of the town to Palestine. The Jews in Sighet did not understand their fellow townsmen could turn so evil and inhuman. “The inmates remained indoor for two days without water and food” (p69). The brutality exposed by Hitler and the Nazi ensure that the Jews were fully exhausted by offering labor before being Killed. However the weak, old and children are through into fire since they serve no purpose to the Hitler and the Nazi.

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