The Battle Between the Good and Evil


This essay seeks to give an analysis of the film techniques used by Lang in his movie the battle between the good and evil. The battle between the good and evil is an ancient movie that show ancient attempt to look into the future by way of fiction and magic and its setting is an alien/another world. Even though it is an ancient production on fiction we see great efforts by Lang and his attempt to blend different film techniques to achieve his goals. Therefore this essay will attempt to list some of the techniques by the actor as well as describing how Lang uses them to better his production. In an attempt to achieve this, the essay will evaluate in paragraphs Freder vs. Rotwang, Maria vs. Hel and Fredersen internal battle by analysing the film techniques in these sections. Finally, the essay will have a conclusion comprising of a summary of the key techniques featuring in the discussion.

Freder verse as Rotwang

In the battle between the good and evil we see the two characters depicting varied personalities these characters are Freder and Rotwang. Freder is the son to the Fredersen the leader and his innocence comes out clearly from the fact that he is not aware of working conditions and mistreatment of workers in the underworld. However, he accidentally comes face to face with the actual situation when a machine destroys one of the workers in line of duty. This situation stirs his feelings and he would want changes however his father and Rotwang a member of the high class and an evil scientist believing in magic is not ready for this change. His father is interested in maintaining the status quo therefore he uses Rotwang to manufacture a robot resembling another person to bring confusion among the workers over the same issue. The use of costumes is present in this case when Freder encounters beautiful ladies with carnival dressings and since humanity associates black colours with evil the ladies in this film dress in black and the same case applies to Rotwang and Lang uses this technique to depict evil appropriately.

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