The Balanced Scorecard Approach to an Organization

Haco Industries has developed a number of programs and developed new ideas which are made to meet its needs, for example:-

Haco has developed a cool tool that has helped greatly to improve costing information. This tool is used in the financial department to analyze and measure daily gross margin levels as well as analyze each customer by items they purchase or order.

Haco has as well come up with an analysis method introduced to capture data on very critical motion used on the job. This is conducted by a physical therapist and monitors employees individually in each major category of the job.

In addition to the above, Haco Industries also uses surveys in order to ensure customer service is kept at its highest levels possible. This has ensured the company gets relevant and useful feedback as well as keeping any customer complaints in check.

In conclusion, we can therefore attest that the basic scorecard has been utilized in an innovative manner by Haco industries and it has helped it to maintain in its mission, vision and overall strategy hence the success and continued growth of the company. Haco has used the balanced scoreboard approach as a daily management tool to prescribe what should be measured to balance the financial perspective, and overally enact strategy.

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