The Balanced Scorecard Approach to an Organization

These have been specifically designed in line with the mission. In order for the company to grow and be valuable and maintain its learning, innovation and growth, the company has to maintain a vibrant work force by giving regular feedback on performance.

Good customer service.

Haco Industries has built a customer service dimension which lies entirely in hiring people aligned with the company and retaining those who deliver outstanding customer service. This has helped the company to stay in focus and in touch with its mission and the entire the dimensions hence the industry keep being extraordinary value trough extrusions.

Performance measures of each of these objectives:

Haco measures the performance of improving the costing information on each customer objective by analyzing standard cost per item to the actual cost per item; this is done by actually looking into individual level. Actual costs vary based on time of production, raw materials to be used and overhead costs.

However, measuring customer service urgency and responsiveness is the major way Haco Industries uses to gauge customer service. This has four major dimensions for measure which include: Customer satisfaction, customer complaints, on time delivery and return materials rate to measure customer satisfaction. While measuring internal perspectives, Haco Industries addresses these major parts as goals themselves:-

  • Plan and deliver flawless new products.
  • Indentify new opportunities and processes.
  • Reduce their costs.

Expected Level of Performance for each Objective

The performance of the improvement of costing information is to make sure the order processing is bringing profits to the company hence the high volume customers are targeted for ways the company can gain additional profitability. This is used by the sales team too to daily manage net and gross margin levels hence the target.

Internal perspective is targeted to continually improve job analysis in order to drive ultimate productivity and profitability. Haco uses this for employment physicals to predict the ability to succeed on the job and for ‘fitness to work’.

The customer targets on quality, on time delivery and fair value of products and services. This is inclined at improving the customer confidence in the company and maintaining and also attracting more; thus when you take a close look at the basic scoreboard you will realize that it’s used in every aspect build a profitable company and keep it aligned with its mission and vision.

Programs Developed to help Implement each Objective

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