The Analysis of a Passage from the Letter


The letter written by martin Luther while he was in Bellingham was as a result of the response he was giving to the eight clergy men who were protesting to his non violent protest in Bellingham news and they were calling for and end to the protest. It has become the letter of reference to most of those people who are championing for human rights to date


The letter depicts the differences in the just and unjust laws .unjust law is described as that law that the majority group compels the minority to follow despite the flaws in such laws while these minority group do not wish to follow and do not consider following, on the other hand, a just law is that which the majority compels the minority to undertake and these minority are also willing to follow P; a law that compels the minority to follow that which it feels not right to follow; the difference is made legal . The law is defined as unjust, this law is seen to be unjust as it denies the minority such aspect as the right to vote, the people are denied the right to have say in the making and devising the law, the people are denied the right to do that pertain s the democratic society which include the right to express ones own opinion, the law that is unjust is that which inflicts on the minority and this can be challenged legally in the courts of law of the

P; a law that the majority compels the minority to follow and is willing to follow, the similarity in this law can be made legal; this law is called a just law this kind of law can be seen to be accepted by all because it outline the principles of social justice, the people are allowed to take part in activities such as, the free will to express ones own opinion on matters that are felt to be of great importance to the society and the fact that the law allow equal chances to all especially the democratic rights of voting in political decision making. This law is seen as that which is welcome to all parties in the society. The unjust law is usually oppressive and do not allow for dynamism and self expression. It encompasses the basic abuse of human rights and is squarely exploitative from the above description we have seen the differences between just and unjust laws:

C; we can tell the difference between just and unjust laws.

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