Texas Gun Policy

This policy is meant to protect the innocent from blood thirsty hooligans who go out to shoot people at random leaving them for the dead. The community is thus set to highly benefit from this policy since now it will be difficult for one to commit a gun crime and walk away without being arrested by the police. This is because before the legislation, it was very easy for a person to buy a gun and ammunition without registering for it thus if the fire arm was ever used in a criminal activity then it would never be traced to that person. Considering that buying a firearm now involves having ones finger prints taken, complete an application form giving all their details and also have their photographs taken for identification (Cochran, 14), then it becomes more and more difficult for reckless and criminally minded people to apply for firearms.

For this reason, the community is kept safe and only those people who genuinely need a firearm for their personal protection have one that can be traced to them if necessary. Any person that is accused of having committed felony using a firearm is legislated to face the full force of the law and is not protected by any laws in Texas. It is a criminal offence to use a firearm outside the stated mandated uses allowed for the firearm and thus any one found to have used their weapon in unlawful ways is prosecuted. The policy favors the victim who finds themselves in gun related violence since they are entitled to compensation to cover their injuries and distress. The Texas gun policy is a good example of a legislation put in place by people to protect the people and has the welfare of all residents at heart.

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