Texas Gun Policy

Considering the rise in crime levels witnessed in The United States over the years and especially those that involved the use of firearms, many states took it upon themselves to put legislation in place to curb the rise in gun related crime levels in order to protect the residents. Texas was not left behind in this initiative and that is why legislation was discussed and put in place to safeguard the use of firearms within the state of Texas. The gun policy in Texas is a legislative initiated policy that was initiated by the legislative council in Texas to protect the citizens against gun violence that had been recorded to be in the rise over the years (Carter, 6).

It is thus fundamental that all those that seek to own and handle a firearm get themselves the necessary legislative laws and abide by them since failure to do so would result in criminal prosecution and probable jail time. The policy clearly states that any Texas resident, if not otherwise precluded by law, may purchase rifles and shotguns they wish to own including the consequent ammunition for their weapon(s) of choice, reloading components, or firearms accessories in contiguous states within Texas (Carter, 8).

However it is mandatory that the said weapons be purchased from legitimate and licensed gun shops. It is also consequently unlawful for anyone to sell, rent, loan or give a handgun to any person if it is known or even hinted in the deeds of that person that the person intends to use it unlawfully. It is unlawful and thus criminal to knowingly sell, rent, give or offer to sell, rent or give any firearm to a person under the legal age of 18, without the written and signed consent of his or her parent or guardian who in doing this are the legal guardians of the weapons in the hands of the minor and are thus responsible for the use of the weapon. Texas law also finds it unlawful for anyone to knowingly or recklessly sell any firearm or ammunition to any person who appears to be intoxicated in any form whether by drug use or alcohol.

This policy was legislated with the welfare of the people of Texas in mind as is therefore in the best interests of the populace if followed to the latter. Gun violence had escalated to all time high levels and there were protests being held all over the country and in some parts of Texas in protest to what people termed as insecurity in the community. This was due to the increase in crime levels which also came with increase in deaths resulting from shoot outs that involved the innocent locals and armed gunmen (Cochran, 12). Many residents lost their lives and the people took to the streets to ask the government to protect them from this escalating gun violence.

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